Direct flights. While direct flights are typically sought after, they can be especially life-saving for those traveling with children. The less time you spend wandering through terminals with little ones and baggage, the more likely everyone is to arrive in a positive mood and ready for vacation.

Bring snacks and treats. Airports and popular attractions jack up the cost for everything — don’t be caught without snacks throughout the day and end up spending far too much money on them. Keeping treats handy can help reward children for positive behavior when you’re in unfamiliar locations and situations.

Stock up a tablet. Travel days will leave you with seemingly endless empty hours and restless children. Books, movies, and games on a tablet game while away a chunk of that time when there are limited options for entertainment.

Get the insurance. Do it. While travel insurance is certainly recommended for all travelers, don’t take your chances with children that are more susceptible to foreign places and germs. Getting travel insurance will help you keep your peace of mind throughout the trip as well as ease tensions and stress if something does arise.

Choose your destination wisely. Depending on your needs as a family when traveling, think about the particulars of a destination as you think about where you would like to go. We can help with this — knowing the ins and outs of a country and destinations allows us to make recommendations based on this type of travel.

Cut down on luggage and rent! It’s already difficult enough toting around your own luggage and managing to remember everything. There are many popular destinations that have rentals — playpens, strollers, cribs and more that are available to rent. Try and keep your travels as stress-free as possible and you and the whole family will have a much more enjoyable time.

Slow down. There are few things that can bring the mood of a vacation down than tired, grumpy kids. This tip can be a trip-saver. While it’s tempting to want to cram a lot of activities and attractions into your short vacation time, more often than not your trip as a whole will be more enjoyable if you slow down. Make a clear list of your absolutely “must-see’s” and we’ll help to plan a trip around those. Cram a plethora of activities into a short period and the children as well as the adults may find themselves worn out and unhappy.